The Solution

The Problem

The Gold Coast or Australia for that matter is yet to offer a venue where you can escape to great music, food, drinks or even shop for the latest surf wear in a vibrant, exciting setting while watching or participating in an action packed ride that incorporates surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, & wakeboarding in the one attraction. The surf culture is huge here on the Gold Coast and the crowds out there in the lineup are becoming more dense. “The crowds don’t seem to go home anymore"


The Solution

Sneaky Peaks Flow House is a new, exciting entertainment venue pioneering the fusion between surfing, food, beverage, retail, and events. A venue based around the Gold Coast beach culture pre-packaged as a destination that epitomizes the surf lifestyle in the local flavour.


The Company will target groups such as surfing enthusiasts, local community, families, tourists, corporate businesses, schools, rehabilitation and non-profitable organisations such as disability groups & charities.