Partnership Opportunity

Sneaky Peaks is looking to partner with like-minded individuals and business owners who wish to share the thrill of surfing with their guests and create a venue that epitomizes the Gold Coast beach lifestyle and culture.

The Sneaky Peaks Flow House is a new, unique opportunity that will set our development apart from the rest.

Location, location, location!  One of the first steps in developing Sneaky Peaks is to find a suitable site, but in this business bigger isn’t always better; not too big and not too small. Sneaky Peaks “sweet spot” is anywhere from 750m2 up to 1500m2 of venue space with the latter being considered fairly large.  You also need to consider room for parking, landscaping and ingress and egress. The location needs to have traffic, be it footfall or a busy street,  and ask yourself the question “will a restaurant be successful here?” Many people think they can build a Flow House in an industrial area thinking, “if we build it, they will come.” This is not necessarily the case and instead, the mindset needs to be “where can I build it that gives great access to my clients and gets the word out to the masses.”

An ideal Flow House is one that finds the perfect balance between location, size and activities.  The key with this concept has always been to combine complimentary revenue generators into one epic venue.  It is a venue where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole and where each activity feeds off the next.  Wave riding mixed with surf shop, music mixed with great drinks and great food mixed with a relaxing environment where people can come in and escape.

We are all surfing enthusiasts with eyes for creating recreational perfection. Our passion is to share the Gold Coast Lifestyle with our guests and we are as much about your success as we are about living and sharing an experience that is healthy, active, and most importantly FUN.  With this opportunity we are driven to make sure you succeed, because when you are successful, so are we.


When all the fun and games are over the real excitement begins; whether it is the click of the cash register or the swipe of a credit card, Sneaky Peaks is built on revenue generation. It was born out of the idea that five is better than four, which is certainly better than one. Sneaky Peaks is a combination of five major revenue generators:

1.    Food
2.    Beverage
3.    Retail
4.    Events
5.    Ride Ticket Sales

These money makers all feed into the same pool. They are cohesive and complimentary and in many instances these elements can stand on their own. When combined, they feed off of each other to increase dwell time and generate more revenue, while the shared elements of staffing, building space and facilities all keep the costs down.


With multiple Flow House venues operating successfully and many more either under construction or in planning stages, the Sneaky Peaks Flow House is set to be the next big thing.
Are you going to be standing on the side lines or in the fray!


Take the time to learn more about Sneaky Peaks Flow House and when you are ready to take the next step, or if you just want to share the stoke, give us a call and we can work with you to discuss our investor/partner options.